Quick Reference Guides

Quick Reference Guides

As of 1st July 2021, all “NEW” Development Applications, Construction Certificates, Complying Development Certiificate, Principal Certifyer appointment & Occupation Certificates applications will need to be lodged through the NSW Planning Portal at https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/

Please refer to planning portal “Quick Referece Guides” for assitance with the lodgement process.

  • Applicant - Submit a Construction Certificate Application from an Online DA... Here
  • Submitting a Complying Development Certificate Application... Here
  • Submitting a Development Application Online... Here
  •  Submitting an Application for a Construction Certificate... Here
  • Submitting an Application for an Occupation Certificate... Here
  • Submitting an Application to Appoint a Principle Certifier... Here



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  • Complying Development Certificates
  • Principal Certifier
  • Occupation Certificates
  • Project Assessment & Advice
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